Ad Sizes/Rates
Center Spread / Double Page 
Full Page                                    
1/2 Page Island                       
1/2 Page   
1/3 Page    
1/4 Page

2 Page Advertorial 
Includes photo shoot and write up
(Extra copies can be printed and purchased
for the Sponsor/Advertiser)

Special Sections
1/8 Page Networking Section 
1/4 Page Dining Guide 

Website Rates
Website ad                
Ambizion Showcase 

Ad Specifications
Ad Size                     Width    Length
Center Spread           16”         10”
Full Page                    7.5”        10”
1/2 Horizontal           7.5”          5”
1/2 Vertical                3.65”      10”
1/4 Horizontal            7.5”       2.5”
1/4 Vertical                3.65”        5”
1/8 Horizontal           3.65”      2.5”


Deadline is the 1st Every Month

Digital images or scans should be

  • 300 dpi resolution

  • Color in ads should be setup in 4-Color (CMYK, Process color)

  • Convert all Spot color to Process

File Formats Accepted

  • Acrobat (pdf)
    Please be sure image files used in your pdf are 300 dpi and 4-color and all spot colors are converted to process

  • Photoshop/photo images (.tiff or .jpg)
    Please be sure images files used are 300 dpi resolution.

  • Illustrator or Freehand (.eps)

  • InDesign
    Must also include any font or images used

Materials Submitted
To ensure the best final product, please provide the best original materials available to you. Images printed on rough surfaces, newsprint, photocopies, or faxes will all produce lower quality results than a photo when scanned.


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