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The Ambizion Chat Channel premiered on ROKU and Fire TV in 2018. TV Streaming and Podcast Pioneer Damitra Dee Dee Stuart aka The Indie Mama created Ambizion Chat based on her love for riveting, life changing and unique informative programming. Dee Dee was discovered on YOUTUBE back in 2011 from her own business magazine turned talk show called Hanging with Dee Dee when she received her TV Network offer. After launching The Ambizion Television Channel in 2012, she took her talk show roots to radio after receiving a Podcast offer on one of the first Podcast Streaming platforms called Survival Radio Network, and launched Ambizion Radio in 2012.


Dee Dee gained worldwide success interviewing celebrities based on their life experiences aside from fame and other inspiring individuals later launching her second show naming it after the show that started it all Hanging with Dee Dee. Dee Dee went on to produce other radio talk shows and in 2018 The Ambizion Chat Channel was born giving other inspiring individuals who want to educate, influence or entertain the world with their guests a platform to do so.        

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