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Ambizion Media Founder and CEO Damitra Dee Dee Stuart known as "The Indie Mama" created Ambizion Sound Music Group to go along with one of her TV Channels Ambizion Sound.  Ambizion Sound along with the Ambizion Media Brand, supports and encourages Independent Movie, TV, Film and Music Artists.  Ambizion Sound Music Group known as ASMG, specializes in the development of Indie Artist while mentoring individuals in Entertainment, Business and Television due to the fact that the Ambizion Brand owns 17 TV Channels . Always Seeking A Variety of Unique Talent Is It You?   

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Ambizion Sound Music Group

Lakewood, CA 90712


Hip Hop/ Rap, R&B Artist and Songwriter

Songstress, Pianist and Songwriter

Afro Pop, Afro Beats R&B Singer Songwriter, Producer, Engineer