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Ambizion Media owns 17 Unique, Original and Classic TV Channels for All Ages!

All the Entertainment You Need Under 1 Brand!


Original, Independent, International and Popular Classic Programming! Ambizion Media is a platform for Independent Filmmakers, Music Artist and Social Media Influencers to showcase their projects in it’s entirety.  Always Seeking Content for each channel


Click on Each Channel Logo for more information



 At the helm of the Ambizion Media brand, Ambizion Television est 2012 is the go to platform for unique Independent Films, short films and series!


Informative, Classic and Entertaining Programs for Dog Lovers!







Informative, Classic and Entertaining Content for Today’s Ambitious Youth!


 A Variety Channel for Diverse Talk Shows, Documentaries and Biographies!

 Go Back In Time with Classic TV Shows and Movies!

 The Unique Channel for Current and Classic International Programming!

A Unique Channel for Health and Fitness with a Twist!

Ambizion Media’s Premiere Channel for All Things Music! 

A Unique Channel That Spotlights Business Practices and Do It Yourself Projects and Hobbies!




The Channel for Worship, Entertainment and Knowledge with a Twist!

 A One of a Kind Channel Dedicated to Competitive Athletes and Game Shows!


 A Unique Channel Focused on Food and Unique Travel Tips!

                                                     Unique Programming and Stand Up Comedy!


                                Current, Classic and Original Programming for the LGBTQ Community!




                                          Classic and Original Programming for the Romantic at Heart!

                       Unique TV for Classic and Original Crime, Horror and Who Done It Programming !


                               Classic and Original Biographies, Historical  Documentaries and Bio Pics!

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