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        Consulting & Development

       with Damitra Dee Dee Stuart


Need Me to Help You Come Up With Unique Ideas for Your New or Current Business or Television Show Projects? With over 20 years of Business/Entertainment experience being a business consultant, owning a chain of cleaning businesses in 8 states I ran for 13 years, owned a cable channel, magazines, an event planning company and created TV content. I am also currently Director of Programming for Local LA TV channel KTAV 35.10 Step 1 TV so being involved with a mass variety of genres in business, being connected and owning the Ambizion brand I can help you with all of that! My goal will NOT be to run your business but HELP you come up with unique options, ideas and solutions to help develop or change development with your company or brand so you too can stand out in a crowd and take notice amongst all the others doing the same thing that you do!

For more info & pricing please contact me at

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Ambizion Dollz - Business Women Joining Forces

My organization will consist of powerful, connected and business minded women to join together and do great things not only for themselves, community but the world! It will also be a fun and exciting sisterhood that every member will BENEFIT from by working together and joining forces or just by being associated with each other! I have some AMAZING PLANS for the Ambizion Dollz and there will be strict criteria’s as far as joining because you already have to be an Established businesswoman, professional or Celebrity to be a member and I will have another group for up and coming business women who want to be mentored by myself or other Dollz called Amby’s! More details coming up but I will be accepting women from all Genres of business and you do not have to be a business owner just be established in whatever field that you are in. I have future plans to build this organization to be a worldwide entity with different city and state chapters and make sure the members are hooked up with discounts and additional perks worldwide plus your own rolodex and business will grow because you connected with all these women all over the globe! There will be newsletters so everyone will know what’s going on with group and spotlight members plus I will throw diverse and unique events (Starting in Los Angeles and eventually worldwide) to network and socialize for members as well as non-members. This will also be an organization to support each other, the organization and our projects and I will NOT PUT UP WITH DRAMA, GOSSIP OR JUDGEMENT!!! 

I will be accepting members from All Types of Business Examples….

For more info please contact me at

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