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As the Ambizion Brand started to make waves in Atlanta, the entertainment community really embraced me and became my brothers and sisters, and I was able to collaborate on some amazing projects. So, between 2012-2014 I also got to venture into acting and had a few roles in amazing movies created by women there was Atlanta Heat 2 created by Jeanine Chait, Secured Tightly created by Tessie Wilmont , Rough Patch Twisted Fate created by Ton'e Brown and a few other projects

Action Drama 2012

Comedy 2018

Romantic Drama 2012

Improv Comedy 2021

Improv Comedy 2021

Movie Interview 2012

I also tried the Reality Show avenue when people would ask me to create a show based on me and my brand so I created Hanging with Dee Dee for fun so you can see a day in the life of my craziness at the time. This was shot back in 2012 and only a little bit has changed concerning my brand it is still going strong. Lastly, I was asked to be part of a reality show back in 2013 called Independent Ladies of Atlanta which was a big deal at the time because it was going to be "picked" up by a Major Network and I was not treated nicely behind the scenes by the creators/managers, so I left the show. Pretty funny real talk because the show never aired anyway and the one who was mistreated is STILL elevating and STILL going strong Okkkkurt! #LetYourHatersBeYourMotivators

Voice Over Work
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