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   During the years 2002-2010, I was a business owner, a veterinarian technician (most excruciating job of my life I could not handle seeing dogs sick or being euthanized) and a part time office manager with the Northeast Community Bugle Publishing Company in El Paso Texas which was a small community newspaper. It was a small company that consisted of 2 male owners, the graphic designer named Brian Danes and someone else I forgot LOL. The year was 2002 I really learned how to run the office because my bosses owed so many bill collectors that they were never there, so I was left to get rid of them. That came as a blessing later because I learned so much how to handle an office and how to curse people out and handle business. Growing up in El Paso at that time the African American population was ridiculously small (a lot larger now in present time due to the growth of our military base Fort Bliss, TX) so because I ran that office so well, I proposed to them that I would like to start my own newspaper dedicated to the African American community in town which they agreed and my first publication, Tyght Magazine premiered in 2002.


    Meanwhile about 6 months later things got worse at the Bugle and our paychecks started to bounce LOL it was so sad that Brian and I got so close at work because we were always left there because our bosses were busy dodging creditors that we would make sure we accompanied each other to the bank on payday (before online banking) and stand in line fingers crossed and whoever got to the teller first and the check went through the other would look back and give a thumbs up!! Now that’s low budget as hell and hilariously true so much one day I went to Brian and said I am leaving this dump and continuing my newspaper on my own if you trust me, you will leave too and help me with the paper, and we will split the advertising rates and he agreed. We ran Tyght for 2 years starting a publishing company called D&D Publishing until early 2005. Already having Dee Dee’s Cleaning in El Paso for 8 years I was curious to see if I could possibly branch out to other states, so I chose to explore Athens, GA for a second location. My father and that side of my family lived there, I had lived there before after high school and it was not a huge city, so I wanted to test it out. I planned it out 6 months in advance took my savings, packed up and set up shop in Athens in October of 2005 while my Mom took on a side position aside from her main school district career, she also became a manager for Dee Dee's Cleaning and supervised my El Paso employees for the next 5 years. In 2006 I opened my 3rd location in Atlanta, GA and moved up there by this time I was working only with Realtors and I opened additional locations in Florida, California and Colorado hiring staffs in each city and traveling around to make sure things were going well. In 2007 I also started Just Peachy Entertainment an event planning company that I started with no experience just because I wanted to try it out, so I faked it until I made it. I was so inexperienced I would have my late hubby and friends help and the first party we accidently put the chair covers on backwards and the client did not even notice it LOL (we noticed after the event when we saw the pics lol). I learned from every event and built my company up the next 3 years and crossed over to corporate events in Downtown Atlanta as well as weddings and let me tell you I will NEVER do weddings again. I had to fire nightmare brides who wanted a champagne event with beer money. During this time, I also networked with a big-time businessman from Pakistan named Zee who I became friends with, and my company planned all the holiday and Ramadan events for the kids in the Atlanta community for the next 3 yrs.


     By 2010 after a change in the housecleaning market I decided to dissolve Dee Dee’s Cleaning (revamping later in 2019), I took a hiatus from event planning and decided to enroll in college at Westwood College in Tucker, GA and major in Visual Communications. I wanted to perfect and expand my graphic, web design and editing skills that I had taught myself 10 years before. Having a great time in college making friends and staying on the Dean’s List, I created and designed my first online magazine about showcasing successful Atlanta female business owners called Atlanta Ambition that I debuted on Jan 1st, 2011.





















In 2013 I changed the Atlanta Ambition name to Ambizion Magazine featuring celebrities and professionals who owned businesses or were involved with other activities aside from fame until 2019.








































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Here Are Some Not All of My Old Issues Click On Cover to Read

to find other old issues go to under Atlanta Ambition   

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Here Are Some Not All of My Old Issues Click On Cover to Read

to find other old issues go to under Ambizion Magazine   

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  In 2015 a year and a half after moving to LA staying on the publisher subject (will talk more about LA a little later), my estranged husband of 20 years was killed by a hit and run driver and I went into a deep depression for a year and a half until I met and brought home my youngest pooch Charlee in 2016 to join me and other fur baby Bailee. Charlee changed our lives and I saw sunlight again and after a year of being a sales director for a Dog photography studio in Beverly Hills and meeting individuals like myself who’s dog saved their lives too, I I was inspired to create a magazine for Dog lovers. The magazine was called Furry by Nature and debuted in 2018. More happened during that time frame that you will read about later just speaking about my publishing history.

Click On Cover to Read 

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