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TV & Corporate Career LA

      By February 2014 I felt I conquered Atlanta and did all I could do entertainment wise there. I was ready to conquer the world not a city so in effort to follow my dreams to write for network television and expand my Ambizion brand I knew to do that I needed to be in the entertainment capitol Los Angeles, CA. I also loved LA since I was a child and had a Dee Dee's Cleaning location in LA before as well. After soul searching and trying to figure out how my broke butt was going to get there, I had a deep conversation with GOD (I just asked him to get me there and I would figure the rest out), I made an overnight decision, took pictures of everything I owned put it on Craigslist and Facebook and sold all my belongings landing in Los Angeles, CA only 10 days later (seriously.... I am crazy yes, I know LOL). I had no plan and no clue just 3 suitcases, my dog Bailee, no job and $1,500 in my pocket from what I could sell in time because GOD blessed me with the cheapest ticket ever so needless to say the ticket picked the moving date, but faith told me to come. I had to start all over dealing with financial issues, a very short stint of homelessness where all I did was work a low end, penny paying, DRAMA filled job (but I didn’t care it was a job and I was in LA and I did a lot of writing at that time created around 100 TV Shows ) but having this job that I found the 2nd day I was here, allowed me to save up what I could real quick to get a place.


     The 1st place I got OMG it was basically 2 rooms and a hallway underneath a house (real talk) in east LA on a HUGE hill the area was so dangerous that the bus would not run there after a certain hour and sometimes I had to walk from downtown LA from work (at night) back home. Now let us talk about this HUGE hill I lived on real quick (under a house LOL), not only did I have to walk up and down this hill every day because it was too narrow for the bus to go up there, but I got chased by the same Rottweiler EVERY damn day in a dress and flats!!! Speaking of my flats I was so broke that I had holes at the bottom of my shoes from walking up and down that hill the soles of my feet would get burnt at times. I was harassed a lot at my low budget job by a group of people who would make fun of me and give me a hard time because I was broke and only had 5 dresses to my name. Hey, I did not care cursed them out daily (seriously) I WAS IN LA and that is all I cared about I was the happiest broke person on the west coast. I share this personal tidbit for those reading and thinking about making a drastic life changing decision…. if you take the rainbows and roses out of the picture and are prepared to struggle yet you are still determined, you will be just fine.


     The first year here in 2014 was rough, the entertainment community was not as friendly as I was used to. I was now in the mecca where it was all about A-List (at the time before social media numbers were important) and people were so focused on stepping on each other ruthlessly to be associated with anyone famous. I had projects stolen from me and the back stabbings started again, and I was over it I had already dealt with this in ATL, but it was on a whole other level out here and I was not going to let all of that negative stuff ruin my experiences in the land of opportunity, so I decided to take a small break from entertainment and focus on my corporate career.


     In the beginning of 2015, I was hired by Time Warner Cable and my life changed financially and socially. As time went on, I met some of the best people who were there for me during some horrible tragedies that occurred at that time and remain friends to this day.  Quineisha Rose aka my Qsky who became one of my Besties and I later became the Godmother to her baby boy, Shanae, Erron, my mentor Maria Rice and etc there are too many names to name love them all we built a little family. As I climbed the corporate ladder from a Retention Rep in residential to a top selling executive on the Business side winning lots of national awards and accolades, I was responsible for many small businesses and corporate buildings in the Southern California area in setting up construction projects to install internet or Fiber including the office building that the Ambizion Media Headquarters resides in as well.      


       A year after Time Warner merged over to Spectrum things were not the same company wise it was the end of 2017; I had major surgery and had another horrible tragedy occur. It was just time for a change, and I had been gone from entertainment for almost 4 years. I was getting the itch again and decided to accept a position from a longtime associate becoming a TV executive as Director of Programming for a couple of new local Los Angeles TV Channels. First network I worked for was called Pendulum Television which the name later changed over later to Step 1 TV on and aired on KVMD Los Angeles 31.9 then finally merged over to OVA TV until I resigned in August of 2019. Working in corporate Hollywood was a REMARKABLY interesting experience I saw the good, the bad and hella ugly  but I would not trade it for the world. I learned so much, met a mentor and I was even a production assistant for a Television Awards Show honoring the Late Great Larry King a lot of hard work, but I was killing it so dope what a great memory! Word to the wise soak up every experience and take the good and bad for what it is worth but most importantly be respectful and KNOW YOUR WORTH.


       The first network I worked for I assisted technically getting the channel on the air which was a great experience already being a streaming pioneer from back in the day now I know how to create streaming and broadcast TV platforms from the ground up. I resigned in 2019 because The Indie Mama (yeah me) needed to get back to what she was passionate about and that is building platforms for Indies to showcase their projects worldwide among a Hollywood A-List society. So, in August 2019 a few months after I opened my retail store in downtown Inglewood for my clothing lines and yet again dealt with another tragedy, I launched my first TV channel in 4 years on Roku and Fire TV bringing back Ambizion Television for Indie Features, Short Films and Reality Shows. Having the Indie Mama reputation for the past 10 years I am never without access to content. It means a lot that Indies have come to me throughout the years seeking platforms so in July 2020 using my quarantine reality time wisely and wanting to be productive instead of going crazy dealing with all of the sadness and fear in the air and on the news/social media due to Coronavirus, George Floyd’s murder, Quarantine……..just 2020 PERIOD I had to keep busy. I created, built and launched 19 additional TV Channels all dedicated to unique and popular topics that have all been added to the Ambizion Networks' brand all currently airing to over 6 Million viewers per month on Roku and Fire TV under each channel name.

Channel Descriptions


1. The Ambizion Television Channel - The Go to Platform for Independent TV Shows, Movies and Reality Shows!⁠

The Ambizion Dog Channel - Informative, Classic and Entertaining Programs for Dog Lovers!⁠

The Ambizion Youth Channel - Informative, Classic and Entertaining Content for Today’s Ambitious Youth!⁠

The Ambizion Chat Channel - A Variety Channel for Diverse Talk Shows, Documentaries and Biographies!⁠

The Ambizion World Cinema Channel - The Unique Channel for Current and Classic International Programming!⁠

The Ambizion Health and Fitness Channel - A Unique Channel for Health and Fitness with a Twist!⁠

The Ambizion Sound Channel - Ambizion Media’s Premiere Channel for All Things Music! Dedicated to Independent Music Artist Shows and Videos Mixed with Classic Music Programming!⁠

 The Ambizion Do It Yourself Channel - A Unique Channel That Spotlights Business Practices and Do It Yourself Projects and Hobbies!⁠

The Ambizion Faith Channel - The Channel for Worship, Entertainment and Knowledge with a Twist!⁠

The Ambizion Sports and Games Channel - A One of a Kind Channel Dedicated to Competitive Athletes and Game Shows! ⁠

The Ambizion Food and Travel Channel - A Unique Channel focused on Food and Unique Travel Tips!⁠

The Ambizion Comedy Channel - Unique Comedy Programming and Stand Up. 

The Ambizion Pride Channel - Current, Classic and Original Programming for the LGBTQ Community. 

The Ambizion Romance Channel - Classic and Original Programming for the Romantic at Heart! 

The Ambizion Crime and Mystery Channel - Unique TV for Classic and Original Crime, Horror and Who Done It Programming. 

The Ambizion Bio Channel - Classic and Original Biographies, Historical Documentaries and Bio Pics! 

17.The Ambizion BLK Channel- Showcasing Outstanding African American Indie Movies and Series.

18. The Ambizion Chicano Channel - Unique and Diverse Indie Mexican American Content.

19. The Ambizion Reality Channel - Diverse Independent Reality TV Shows and Series!

20. The Ambizon Art, History and Design Channel - Discovering All Forms of Art, History, Fashion and Design!

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