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Show, Radio and Music Producer

In January of 2021 slowly coming out of quarantine, already being a producer of TV Shows, Commercials and Radio I went back to my music roots and started producing music again. 



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        I built my 17 TV Channels from the ground up within the last 6 months and so far, have been able to catch an audience of 500,000 viewers per month combined and growing. As I slowly continuously build up the channels and one of them being dedicated to music called AMBIZION Sound, I decided to not only reopen and get a California State license for my talent agency Ambizion Talent I also launched AMBIZION Sound Music Group (ASMG).  ASMG is a A Multi-Genre Music and Development Label I created for Ambitious Indie Artists to teach them the business along the way! As the Indie Mama surrounded by all this talent for almost 20 years it just made sense. My nephew had asked me continuously for over 5 years to help him with his music career, but I was always too busy until the pandemic slowed things down and I decided to not only invest in him but also a Pop singer named Ani from Austria that I represented with Ambizion Talent back in 2012 until 2015 and a young Afro Pop artist out of Nigeria named Dukebeatzz. Since launching in January, I have produced 3 albums and 9 singles for my artists and have all our collaborated songs on all music streaming platforms it is so cool to drive around like I do daily listening to Pandora and seeing the AMBIZION name on the App and listening to songs that I was involved with. I am so proud of them they are extremely talented and passionate, and I will continue to help them grow as WE grow together, and I will be looking 3 more artists to invest in and add to my label soon.























































































One of my Big-Time personal goals happened starting in April 2021 having a billboard of my Music TV channel AMBIZION SOUND with some of my ASMG artists on the Graham’s Chinese Theater at the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd!                





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AMBIZION Sound Music Group

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