TV Streaming Pioneer

And So It Begins

             By end of summer 2011 while attending school at Westwood College in Atlanta, GA majoring in Visual Communications, I was thriving and continuously staying on the Dean’s and President’s List. I also became President of Westwood College’s design group Koncept. I made amazing friends that had the same interests, my professors were great I learned so much in graphic design and editing from my favorite professor Ms. Chiffon White and the college president Tira Clay was an amazing and trailblazing mentor for me. To bring more exposure to my magazine Atlanta Ambition and being familiar with a fairly new video platform at the time called You Tube, I went to my friends/classmates Rafael and Ari and told them I wanted a talk show interviewing businesswoman around the city to attach to my magazine and I needed them to film it for me LOL they happily agreed. So, we borrowed cameras from school and I executive produced my first show called Hanging with Dee Dee and put it on You Tube. Looking back at these videos now I cringe because they are so low budget LMAO but OMG, we had a ball, and I am so proud of us for stepping out on faith and having fun because this is where it all begins where I went from a college student to the toast of Indie entertainment in Atlanta the Indie capitol…….



The Meeting


It is the end of 2011 I am still thriving in school; I am having fun filming my little show with Ari and Rafael, networking with businesswomen around Atlanta having a blast and I notice a gentleman continuously trying to get my attention on my Mona Dee Dee pic (A Mona Lisa replica I designed with Ari of myself for a college project) that I had on Facebook. He kept asking me what I was going to do with my magazine, and I was confused he was not a friend of mine (at the time) on FB, and I had a block if I did not know the person, they cannot send a message, so I ignored it. I figured what do you want with my magazine it is a woman’s magazine why is a man asking for it? We finally spoke and he asked me to have a meeting at his office to explain why he reached out and I agreed. Turns out he was TV Streaming Pioneer Brian Joubert accompanied by his biz partner Eric Brown and they were the owners of Wisecast TV.  At that time Wisecast TV was a revolutionary online video platform before Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming networks were even considered or popular. They offered me my own global streaming TV channel. The deal was that Wisecast paid my fees, but I had to come up with a detailed business plan of  channel and the content I was creating to add on the channel before I premiered it. I was in shock of the proposal because that meant that I would be responsible for 24hrs of programming in millions of zip codes around the globe. That is a lot to take in once they revealed that they had a TV network I thought they were only asking to put my show on the network not run an entire 24 running channel!!!! I asked if it were ok to bring my College President Mrs. Clay to next meeting to make sure I am hearing things right and they agreed. I headed back to school after the meeting, and I remember walking into Mrs. Clay’s office like a confused zombie from the Thriller video still in shock and she was on the phone with her now late hubby ☹ and I will never forget this for the rest of my life she looked at me and said, “What’s wrong” and I looked at her and said, “I think I just got offered a TV channel”. The look on her face and how she told her husband I will call you back was hilarious I will never forget it. Fast Forward to Mrs. Clay’s office after second meeting that she attended with me we sit down in silence and she looks over at me and says “Well I guess you have a channel now what do you want to call it and I said Ambition. She said I would not be able to trademark it so what about something else, so she asked me to say 3 words to describe myself and I said Ambitious, Business and Vision and we both agreed on the new channel name and I debuted Ambizion Television Networks channel 519 with a grand red-carpet event on my birthday 6 months later May 19th, 2012 creating a unique platform for Indie filmmakers and music artists. It was such a great event my business mentor Nancy J Lewis was the MC, and it was hosted at Dr. Lei Lewis who is the founder of Women of Wealth Magazine's Buckhead Mansion.  I also created and executive produced 5 original TV series for the network. This unexpected offer and HUGE responsibility was amazing and changed everything no one else had anything like this at the time so the Indies now had a platform to showcase their shows to millions pioneering my nickname The Indie Mama.  Ambizion Television Networks aired until early 2015 but that was just the beginning of my AMBIZION Media Journey!

The Little Show That Started My Big Journey