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Who AM I?

That is a great question LOL to know me is to either love me or hate me because I am a rare yet sometimes complicated individual.


I am Damitra Dee Dee Stuart


The Queen of Stream 



     I am strict, driven, focused, a geek, positive, confident, silly, moody, sarcastic, funny, very opiniated but I do have a big heart, I try to see the best in everyone until you prove me wrong (I do not take mess or drama from anyone). I am chill and laid back I have been through a lot in my life, so I keep busy and always stay focused. I have a growing brand and small cleaning chain so of course I do not really have a social life, nor do I really get caught up in social media and the "likes" but that is ok I will work on that for now I am doing what I love, having a ball and changing lives which is very fulfilling. Those who know me know I am not caught up in the Hollywood life or celebs nor have I reached my personal peak of success.........yet I will get there because I do not give up, I work just as hard if not harder than most and not ashamed to say it. I show people how hard the journey of success is by showing the growth from the ground up and it is not always bliss, but it is rewarding, and you appreciate the journey more. Yes, it is nice to have and showcase fancy things but how did you earn them is what should be put out on platforms to inspire others.


    Point blank I respect REAL talent (whether it is physical, creative, or mental). Longevity of many careers have helped shape my career aside from my Mom and past employers in my corporate life but there is a list of well-known peeps that I would probably either pass out or cry if I came across them because I respect their journeys so much. I do not get starstruck often because I have been in this industry so long that I meet people all the time, but these people are categorized as my "Pass Out Trailblazing Crew" .... Larry David aka my IDOL, Oprah, Robert Townsend, Denzel Washington, Martin Lawrence, Queen Latifah, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Brandy, Outkast (I met Big Boi at a Dog convention in ATL years ago but I want to meet him again and talk biz LOL) and of course Andre 3000, Tichina Arnold, Tisha Campbell Martin, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Raven Symone, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Steven Spielberg, Bob Weide,  Regina King, The Braxtons including Mama (I already met Towanda who was my 1st celebrity cover for my Atlanta Ambition magazine and Trina as well but would love to meet again) My Taurus sisters and spirit animals Tori Spelling and Kandi Burruss-Tucker ( they are sisters in my head they don't know I exist LOL), Reese Witherspoon, Andy Cohen, Drake,  Kimmy K, Khloe K and Kris Jenner, Eugene and Dan Levy, Nick Cannon, Darren Star, Bette Midler, Meryl Streep and posthumously the TV legend Mr. AAron Spelling who created my two favorite shows of all time Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. Agree to Disagree you have NO IDEA how these careers have help mold and shape who I am as a businesswoman and creator today by watching them and their amazing, various, and brilliant qualities along the years and currently.


​       I have had businesses my entire life and my corporate niche is sales (I came out of the womb with a briefcase and a rebuttal). I currently own a small chain of Cleaning businesses in various states since 1997 but in the last 10 years I have built a global entertainment media brand called Ambizion Networks which consists of 16 TV channels that I built myself on Roku and Fire TV, various magazines, two clothing lines that I designed myself, a clothing store, a music label/development program for independent music artists and a talent agency. I built this entire brand alone without help from anyone no loans, no business partners nothing just dedication, focused hard work taking on corporate jobs climbing the corporate ladder and driving for UBER. Not saying I would not partner up or collab in the future I am all about learning and growing that is the key to success, but I have also dealt with some snakes in the grass over the years, so I am very guarded with my brand. Before any considered collaborations it was important to me to build out my vision where the outside world understood what was in my brain because I have a plan to make my mark here in Hollywood on my own terms and if the right mentor fits in great if not the train is still moving.

    I was given the nicknames Indie Mama and Queen of Indie Media being discovered on You Tube back in 2011 gaining TV streaming and podcast platforms back in 2012 running a TV network and a radio branch.  It has been a crazy ride that is still in motion and that's only the last 10 years of my life I am 44 years old so much more before that and during. My story cannot be summed up by an article or the scant words of a short story, but more like being on the edge of your seat with intensity from reading a novel that you just cannot put down. My roller coaster ride to the top has been filled with twist, turns, pitfalls and tragedies but I have always been extremely passionate especially for my Indies. My mission and goal have always been to help Indie Filmmakers and Music Artists get the exposure that they deserve that is why I have been building media platforms for them since 2012. I personally know the struggle and grind and if I can be that middle person as the Indie Mama to help Indies transition to worldwide and mainstream exposure, then my job is done.


     My enormous love for family and dogs including my own fur babes Bailee and Charlee have also inspired Dog businesses and channels I have created that are included in my brand. I dream big and have managed to accomplish all goals that I have set out to do so far and I want to be a spokesperson to inspire others who, like me, have had troubled pasts filled with trials and tribulations motivating them to never give up on their dreams.

     On this site you will see the Past and present of my general business and entertainment business history in my words and the small stories behind them. This will have tidbits of my personal life but mainly business you could not handle the personal that is a future book! 


Stay Tuned Always Adding to My Journey


Dee Dee


Indie Mama XO

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